This Luxury Mansion provides the perfect space for you to escape from your routine and fully relax while doing what you love in the diverse spaces offered. This home will certainly treat you like royalty.

This breathtaking getaway home provides you with a spacious patio to enjoy the beautiful sunrise while taking in the privileged views of the city. The “Cinema Experience” room with a 140” screen and comfy sofa chairs encourages you to watch your favorite films in a different scene and perspective. Dive into the unique and aesthetic jungle pool and self-reflect in the energizing Mediterranean-inspired chandelier room.

With its 10 rooms and 12 bathrooms, it will provide you with the privacy you need to find yourself and the comfort and safety to interact with the place and people that surround you.

The property not only inspires you to reconnect with yourself but also with others. Its 26 person dining table, 16 person heated jacuzzi and rooftop terrace will allow you to have mindful and engaging conversations with the people you admire. Food brings people together.