Live your jungle adventure in style in this enormous vacation villa. Accommodating up to twenty guests, this villa is a perfect example of combining luxurious amenities to cabin style living. Modern design perfectly blends clean lines with earthy tones to emanate peaceful vibrations, ideal for a tranquil vacation.

Immense floor-to-ceiling windows slide open to reveal the warm fresh breeze and the smell of the green earth. Supplying picturesque moments, the contemporary layout brings life to all the levels. Natural wood bridges hover over artisanal décor filled common spaces, shaping and slicing the unforgettable construction. The seven bedrooms have a connecting bathroom and entrance to the outdoor patio or the wrapping balcony. Attention to detail emanates from the décor and furnishings while comfort and relaxation seeps from its core. The large gathering space is cradled by a luxurious kitchen, equipped with top- quality appliances.

This villa receives its glow and personality from the outdoor garden space that connects different rooms of the house to its outdoor counterparts. A geometric pool is the iris, steps away from the outdoor dining area. The trees were saved and are wrapped with tables. Hand crafted wooden daybeds take in the sun. This villa’s rooftop deck towers over the tree line, making the view a feast for the eyes.

Known for being Tulum’s newest and hottest neighborhood, La Valetta is filled with delicious restaurants and a vibrant atmosphere. It is placed at a prime location, half-way to the magnificent waters of the Mexican Caribbean and the lively Tulum downtown area. There is something exciting and new on every corner. Explore the shops of local artists, where you can find all types of handmade décor.