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The best menu with a high variety of fresh fish and shellfish, sea food with a great taste, just 5 minutes away from the Archeological Area, located in Tulum Ave. Mza 2, Downtown.

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Specialized in breakfast with gluten free food, homemade granola, raw pies, vegan products and more. Located at 3.1 km away from the Archaelogical Area of Tulum.


Amazing restaurant bar with delicious Mexican food with a gourmet touch. The burritos of fruits of the sea are their specialty; It also has vegan options and gluten-free foods.

A great ecological place where the dishes are prepared using local goods from local farms to ensure you a fresh experience. You can find this place in Tulum Ave. 7.


Italian restaurant which provides of different assorments of homemade pasta and pizzas, enjoying also from their select variety of wine. Find this place at Centauro Sur St., between Andrómeda and Sol Ote.


Is a vegetarian restaurant with a wild atmosphere between the beach and the jungle. It serves Mexican food and organic specials such as mushroom burgers, eggplant tempura and veggie salads.



A new concept of eating and living. Burrito Amor offers healthy, fresh, conscious and super clean breaths and drinks. Clean Eating for visitors looking to enjoy a cool vibe.


Its name means “good aroma” and is the best cafe in the town. The place is warm, special for sharing intimate conversations and with a sustainable approach. It has what is necessary for a breakfast of champions.


Healthy and delicious vegan food to relax and embrace the ideal surrounding environment. The menu is beautifully crafted by passionate chefs offerinf both mexican and worldly



Is truly organic restaurant committed to the highest environmental and social responsibility, built with recycled materials and sustainable practices in mind. The food is sourced from sustainable local farms, ranches and fishermen.


Checkpoint ciao is where unexpected long-lasting friendships begin. It’s where passionate souls and adventurous spirits from all over the world meet to connect through flavors, sensations, laughter, thoughts and music.

A relaxed and genuine place where the most classic Neapolitan-style pizza is served in Tulum. All together, local community and wandering travelers, join here to enjoy life, its surprises, beauty and simple pleasures.


Our white taverna offers a Taste of the Mediterranean, prepared in an Open Fire Kitchen. Meze brings a taste of the aegean seas to the tulum jungle. A dramatic open kitchen with wood fire grill & oven, outdoor dining by candlelight under the stars. Meze is a collaboration between grupo gitano & chef Alexandros Gkoutsi. Together we value quality, beauty & tradition over trend.





Arca retakes the roots of the mexican culture as inspiration for their menu. Their motto: “straight out of the fire to your plate” which represents their concept of combining bold and explosive flavors in an open fire kitchen.

With an astonishing sea view, there’s no such place like this to relax and enjoy Tulum. A villa inspired on the italian culture that will captivate you. Located on the Tulum-Boca Paila Highway km 4,5.


A must if you decide for balanced meals which supplies your body with the necessary enegry. Their philosophy is simple: eat healthy to keep a sustainable lifestyle while you take care of Mother Nature and the Earth.


Classic Spanish dishes with a Caribbean twist, this cute, small boutique hotel is great for spending time at the beach and for a wonderful meal. The seafood paella is delicious, with fresh fish, prawns, squid cooked to perfection- perfect for sharing.


The food is reliably simple and straightforward. A ceviche made with cobia recently pulled out of the Caribbean is bright with lime and smoky with mezcal. The short-rib is one of their star entrees and one not to be missed.


Celebrated by its simplicity this cozy hotel is simple in style but packs full in luxury experience and the food is an array of gastronomic delicacies.


Located at the far end of the beach strip on the jungle side this vegan taco place is one not be missed. The food is inventive, the flavors complex, the ambiance pleasant, and the salsas spicy.


A  tranquil boutique hotel, Casa Violeta has a small restaurant with a limited menu. However, their  breakfast selection is fresh and flavorful. For lunch, we recommend their wood-oven pizzas.


A restaurant nestled within the jungle. Casa Jaguar offers a unique and magical dining experience. The iconic wood-fired brick oven turns out grilled seafood, rib eye, and a catch of the day in generous portions. Cocktails are also a highlight and the ingredients are fresh and shine through.



A restaurant nestled within the jungle. Casa Jaguar offers a unique and magical dining experience. The iconic wood-fired brick oven turns out grilled seafood, rib eye, and a catch of the day in generous portions. Cocktails are also a highlight and the ingredients are fresh and shine through.







Located at the front of Todos Santos, this boutique will not only give you a magical shopping experience but a consciousness on local talent, ethically sourced products and just renumeration for artisan work.


Its ethereal, light creations are not only beautiful, but transformative and magical as well. Stocked with original designs in a dreamy rainbow of colors, this place has a touch of native tribal vibe, gypsy aesthetic, luxury Italian touches, and unmistakeable Latin flair.


La Troupe is part showroom and part shop. All products are made in Mexico and they too work exclusively with local artisans that feature their artwork in the intricate embroidery both in the home line and the ready-to-wear collection.



Sourcing intentional based goods from all over the world the atmosphere and concept of this boutique focuses on the conscious, timeless yet contemporary objects of beauty Focusing mainly on artistic pieces and one of a kind goods.


A boutique that carefully curates handcrafted and artisanal products for the travel savvy. Products mainly from Mexico and Latin America are the heart of the unique designs found here.


An all men’s boutique this is a godsend in Tulum. With so many options for women and so few for men this carefully curated repertoire of men’s accessories, jewelry, travel pieces and clothing, the fashion conscious man will have a blast shopping here.



Artisanal pieces from all over the world, Artesano focuses on handmade, artisanal quality that you wont find anywhere else.


This is a great option for home goods, from bedding, pillows, throws, table mats and more it features artisan techniques from all over Latin America. Bring a little of Tulum home!


Organic cotton robes, towels and a beautiful selection of swimwear, this dreamy ethereal boutique is the best choice for true beachy products.



Artisanal pieces from all over the world, Artesano focuses on handmade, artisanal quality that you wont find anywhere else.


Hand-made organic soaps, face creams, oils, Lolita Lolita is a Tulum-based beauty apothecary. Their soaps are a true find for the gypsy hearted traveler.


A resort collection and boutique in collaboration with Gitano, inspired by India, Morocco, and Mexico, it is a great place to shop for unique pieces in Tulum. Silk dresses and kimonos, statement jewelry, flowy pants its the perfect stop to complete your look.



It combines the best in Mexican and Latin American design in a single boutique. It features small and emerging Latin American designers from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and others. It offers a wide selection of colorful accessories such as typical palm hats with pompons, beach bags, and original jewelry.


Much of the inspiration for their fun, whimsical designs comes from the lifestyle of Tulum, the surrounding nature and the experiences you are able to have only here. But, of course, most importantly, their inspiration is found in love.






Crystal clear waters fill this magical place. You can take a dip and dive in their caverns. Admire the natural beauty that Tulum has to offer you under a ground full of emotions.


This cenote gives you the opportunity of enjoying snorkeling and diving activities within their caverns, a one of a kind experience you must live while visiting Tulum


If you’re looking for a safe diving experience this is the place for you. This open and shallow will give you the magnificent opportunity of enjoying the swamps and nature surrounding this cenote.


If you want to go into one of the best cenotes of Tulum you can not let Casa Tortuga go, a place where there is a large open and cavernous cenote that allows you to swim and admire the nature of this part of Quintana Roo.



Located just 15 minutes from the town, is the Zacil Ha cenote which in Spanish means “clear water”. It is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and especially for diving, since it has a cavern that will take you to a camera known as Las Tears, named for its stalactites in the form of drops.

Cenote Cristal - Tulum, Mexico

On the other side is cenote Cristal, surrounded by palm trees, dancing iguanas and colorful singing birds. This cenote is known for it’s history: local legend depicts the Maya people throwing their gold into the cenote to avoid it being stolen by invading forces.






Beaches, dunes, cenotes, coral reefs, tropical jungle and more of 500 animals and plants species awaits you. It’s name means: “Where the Sun borns”. To arrive to this Reserve, take the 307th Federal Highway, South direction. 


A beautiful parallax you must visit if you’re in Tulum. Located just 12 km away from Tulum going to Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Green and turquoise colors along with the sea breeze will enrich your senses.






Also known as the Chunyaché, this Mayan settlement was a very important city which kept trading businesses with Mayapán and Chichen Itzá. You can arrive to this area through the 307 Federal Highway.


It’s name means: “place in a tailspin”. Was a Mayan city who had power on the nearby villages because of it’s location. Here, you can still find monuments and buildings. You can arrive to this area through the 109 highway going to Nuevo Xcan.


Proven to be named at first as “Zamá”, which means “sunrise”, it’s current name gives the meaning of “barrier”, for the well preserved construction. Is the most archetypical place of the town. Located in the 230 km of the Federal Highway of Chetumal- Cancún.






Soothe and enliven your senses and journey through our healing waters, purified crystalline water pools, sauna and steam room. Traditional indigenous treatments, energy healing, deep muscle relaxation techniques, herbal and flower baths prepared in custom made copper tubs.


The Mayan Clay Spa and bathhouse experience will leave you feeling energized and deeply connected with the pristine Mexican Caribbean jungle habitat. The clay is a natural product sourced locally in Tulum that yields fantastic results by detoxifying, mineralizing and regenerating skin cells.


Massage, therapies, sound healing, temazcal (traditional Mayan sauna) & yoga. Purge, decodify and purify the body through the flow of therapeutic healing arts. Start your personal transformation journey with the best daily activities. Move you out of the comfort zone, dig deeper and experiment new and healthier practices.






This beach club has ample space for a favorite vacation. Hammocks and beachchairs provide a beautiful view, and just enough shade so you can spend the day enjoying the beach.


Right across the street from Casa Jaguar, this is one of our favorite spots for both breakfast and lunch or to simply spend the day at the beach.


Rising out of the sands on a tranquil stretch of Mayan Riviera this is bohemian paradise with struttingly fresh cuisine.

One Good Thing Riviera Maya-1-16

It is open every day from sun to sun. Hammocks and palm trees await you to specify maximum comfort and enjoy in a natural environment, for not specifying the excellent service and personal attention.






This is the place to be on a Friday night in Tulum. The musical guests start playing at 10 p.m. Try the Wild Child, with mezcal, guava, lime, vanilla elixir, and a bourbon floater.


Their iconic full moon party is a feature in Tulum. It features the  best DJs in the world, Papaya Playa makes music a key component of  the experience.


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