Hidden in the jungle is one of the most demanding locations of Tulum. This Villa is a feast for the eyes and your future vacation experience. A perfect fusion of the clean lines of modern architecture and the warm natural jungle tones creates an interesting, stimulating design. The space is perfectly spent as a catalyst for isolation and tranquility.

Underneath the swaying palm trees, the rectangular swimming pool is always cast with lines of leafy shadows. The garden is perfect for afternoon lounges and nighttime pool gatherings. Intertwining tree trunks make the pillars that connect the garden to the overlooking balconies. Two massive sliding doors open the main floor to the gentle jungle breeze, ideal for dining by candlelight.

The strength of the gray stone furnishings and whimsical Mayan décor gives gorgeous postmodern temple vibes while maintaining the classic look Tulum is known for. There are three spacious bedrooms with carefully selected decorations. Each has their connecting private stone bathroom. Two of the rooms are king-sized with supplied artisanal sheets and towels. The other room is furnished with a queen-sized bed.

As responsible hospitality suppliers, we ask that decorations or pollutant materials are not permitted. We strongly suggest not use plastics or non-recyclable goods. We ask that waste production is kept at a minimum.